Global Seismological Observation Course

The international community is making efforts to put the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)into effect, and to complete the International Monitoring System (IMS) for CTBT-compliance verification. Observation technology using seismological techniques plays an important role in the IMS.

At the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IISEE launched a global seismological observation training course in 1995 in cooperation with the Japan Metrological Agency and JICA as a part of Japan’s contribution to nuclear disarmament. The IISEE has contributed to the development of human resources who have acquired the skills necessary for detecting nuclear tests through seismic observation as well as the data analysis techniques required for identifying nuclear tests, and are expected to play important roles in the CTBT and IMS.

Contents of the Program

Course Objective and Goal

Wave patterns of nuclear tests (above) and natural
earthquakes occurring near the testing sites (below)
Lectures and practical training with
regard to the use of seismometers

Global Seismological Observation Course (from 1995 onwards)

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Course ID# Course Title Days Lecturer Updated Notes
G-010-2009 Guidance of the Training Course 1 Tatsuhiko Hara (IISE... 2011-06-06
G-030-2012 Instrumentation and Observation (1) - Seismometer - 2 Toshiaki Yokoi 2014-02-25
G-080-2015 Instrumentation and Observation (2) -Noise Survey and Site Selection- 2 Takumi HAYASHIDA 2017-02-21
G-090-2009 Installation of LINUX and SAC 1 Tatsuhiko Hara (IISE... 2011-06-06
G-100-2009 Introduction to UNIX 1 Yushiro Fujii (IISEE... 2010-01-12
G-110-2009 Data Processing 3 Bunichiro Shibazaki,... 2011-10-07
G-150-2013 Source Mechanism 2 Yuji YAGI 2015-03-17
G-180-2013 Discrimination by mb-Ms 1 Akio Katsumata 2015-03-12
G-210-2009 Geotool 1 Nobuo Arai, Takayuki... 2010-03-15