Instrumentation and Observation (1) - Seismometer -

Course Description

Basic theory of electro-magnetic type seismometers and feed-back type seismometers including broad band ones, poles and zeros representation for Seismometer’s characteristics will be explained. Some practices using PC and that using broad band Seismometer will be given. A short practice using MicroSoft Excel is given.


Toshiaki Yokoi


2 day(s)


1. History of Seismometry
2. Basic theory of Seismometer

2.1 Dynamics of Pendulum

2.2 Moving Coil Type Electromagnetic Seismometer

2.3 Feed Back Seismometer

2.4 Broad Band Seismometer

3. Poles and Zeros Representation for Seismometer’s Characteristics

4. Noise Model

5. Practice with Broad Band Seismometers

Lecture note files of this course can be downloaded without login.

Lecture note files of this course can be downloaded.