Data Processing

Course Description

Practices of data retrieval and plotting seismograms will be given. Then basic theory and practice of data processing used frequently in the field of global seismology will be given. You will practice using broad and short-period seismograms of nuclear explosions and earthquakes.


Bunichiro Shibazaki, Tatsuhiko Hara (IISEE)


3 day(s)


(1) Retrieval of digital seismic data
1) Conversion of IDC data and plotting waveform using SAC
 a. Retrieval of IDC data
 b. Conversion to SAC format
 c. Plotting using SAC
2) How to retrieve broadband seismograms from IRIS DMC
 a. How to create SAC data using WILBER
 b. How to download data to workstation
 c. How to plot broadband seismograms using SAC

(2) Spectral Analysis
1) Fourier Transform for finite continuous time series
2) Fourier Transform for finite discrete time series
3) Frequency response of seismograph
4) Practice of FFT

(3) Digital Filter
1) Basic concept
2) Synthetic experiment
3) Data analyses of observed data
4) Comparison between natural earthquakes and nuclear explosion

Lecture note files of this course can be downloaded.