Strong Ground Motion Study II (Strong Motion Seismology)

Course Description

Simulation and Prediction of Strong Ground Motions


Kojiro IRIKURA (Aichi Institute of Technology), Hiroe MIYAKE (Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo)


2 day(s)


(1) Recent studies on strong ground motions
1) 1995 Kobe earthquake (rupture directivity pulse)
2) 2003 Tokachi-oki earthquake (long-period ground motion)
3) 2004 Sumatra and 2008 Wenchuan earthquakes (recent disastrous earthquakes)
(2) Empirical Green's function method
1) Formulation of the empirical Green's function method
2) Scaling of source dimension and source spectra
3) Practice of using the program
(3) Recipe for predicting strong ground motion
1) Source characterization
2) Outer fault parameter
3) Inner fault parameter
4) Application

Lecture note files of this course can be downloaded.