Design Earthquake Ground Motion and Seismic Force Ⅰ Ⅱ

Course Description

Seismic design code of Japan is introduced. Some international seismic design codes are also introduced and compared with each other.


Yuji ISHIYAMA (NewsT Research Lab), Mitsumasa MIDORIKAWA (Hokkaido University)


2 day(s)


(1) Outline of Seismic Provisions in the Building Standard Law of Japan.
   1) Introduction
   2) Types of Construction in Japan
   3) General Flow Chart of Seismic Design
   4) First Phase Design for Earthquakes
   5) Second Phase Design for Earthquakes
   6) Buildings for Which the Second Phase Design is not Required
   7) Outline of the Newly Revised Seismic Provisions

(2) Japanese Seismic Design Method and Its History
   1) Earthquake Damage and Behavior of Buildings
   2) History of Earthquake Resistant Technology in Japan
   3) Outline of Seismic Code for Buildings in Japan
   4) Structural Requirements and Design Routes

(3) Seismic Codes in the World
   1) ISO 3010 – Seismic Actions for Structures
   2) European Seismic Code: Eurocode 8
   3) International Building Code (IBC) of U.S.A.
   4) Seismic Design Criteria and Requirements of ASCE 7

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