Structural Response Control

Course Description

Basic theory on structural seismic response control and its practical applications in Japan


Satsuya SODA (Waseda University)


1 day(s)


(1)  Basic theory
1)     Role of damping in structural dynamics
2)     Inherent damping properties of real building structures
Hysteretic dampers for passive seismic response control
1)     Oil damper
2)     Visco-elastic damper
3)     Steel damper
4)     Friction damper
5)     Hybrid damper
(3)   MR damper for semi-active seismic response control
(4)   Real buildings with damping devices
1)     Vibration control with passive oil dampers
2)     Vibration control with active and semi-active dampers
3)    Strengthening of existing buildings
(5) Simplified method for predicting seismic response
1)     Limit strength method
2)   Limit energy method
(6) Concluding remarks

Lecture note files of this course can be downloaded.