Finite Element Method: (A) Introduction

Course Description

(1) Basic concepts of finite element method
(2) Procedures for static linear analysis
(3) Formulation of some elements’ matrices
(4) Example programs


Taiki SAITO, Toshihide KASHIMA (IISEE)


3 day(s)


(1)Computer programming using FORTRAN language
1) Some basic concepts of engineering analysis and an introduction to the finite  element method
2) Solution of discrete-system mathematical models
3) Solution of continuous-system mathematical models
4) The principle of virtual displacement and an introduction to the finite element solution.
1) Formulation of the Finite Element Method – linear analysis in solid and structural mechanics
2) Formulation of the displacement-based Finite Element Method
3) General derivation of finite element equilibrium equations
4) Generalized Coordinate models for specific problems
1) Formulation and calculation of isoparametric finite element matrices
2) Formulation of quadrilateral elements
3) Numerical Integration
1) Implementation of the finite element method (FORTRAN Programming)
2) Example program using truss elements

3) Implementation of isoparametric quadrilateral element

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