Seismic Isolation

Course Description

Seismic isolation system will be explained as one of structural response control methods. The Seismic isolation system is most effective to reduce the response and keep safety of a superstructure. Principles of the seismic isolation, merits and demerits of the seismic isolation system, characteristics of isolators and dampers are explained. Also behaviors of buildings with the seismically isolated buildings during earthquake will be discussed.


Masanori IIBA (BRI) , Namihiko INOUE (NILIM)


2 day(s)


(1) Features of Seismic Isolation
1) Structural System of Seismic Isolation
2) Features of Seismic Isolation
3) Progress of Seismically Isolated Buildings in Japan
(2) Effect on Seismically Isolated Buildings during Earthquakes
(3) Characteristics of Devices
1) Isolators (Laminated Rubber, Slider, etc.)
2) Dampers (Steel Damper, Hydraulic Damper, etc.)
(4) Fundamental Structural Design of Seismically Isolated Building
1) Fundamental Planning of Seismic Isolation
2) Design of Seismically Isolated Buildings
(5) Characteristics of Buildings with Seismically Isolation during Earthquake
(6) Construction Notice of Seismically Isolated Buildings
(7) Maintenance of Isolator and Isolated Layer after Construction
(8) Building Standard for Seismically Isolated Buildings in Japan
(9) Seismic Isolation for Small and Light-weight Structure

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