IISEE Newsletter No.194 issued on Jun 30, 2021


  • IISEE updates brochure and publish it
  • IISEE hold the 3rd general meeting
  • Participants` arrival in Japan

IISEE Newsletter No.193 issued on May 31, 2021


  • Completion of group program in the 2020-2021 IISEE regular course and start of individual study
  • IISEE online seminar by Dr. Fukuyama
  • Release the congratulatory addresses for the 60th anniversary on IISEE HP
  • Study tour to Fukushima
  • Revision of free software for the microtremor array exploration

IISEE Newsletter No.192 issued on Apr 30, 2021


  • Current Status of IISEE Training Courses
  • Introduction of Personal Changes
  • IISEE Administrative Official – Mr. Yohei YAMADA
  • Building Research Institute (BRI) Introduction Video Released

IISEE Newsletter No.191 issued on Mar 31, 2021


  • Online IISEE Seminar by Dr.Md.Shafuil ISLAM (Mar.12th)
  • Online IISEE Seminar by Dr.Fukuyama (Apr.26th)

IISEE Newsletter No.190 issued on Feb 26, 2021


  • Online IISEE Seminar by Prof. Yagi
  • Information Disclosure for Off the Coast of Fukushima Prefecture Earthquake
  • Participant Recruitment for 2021-22 One-Year Course is now going on
  • On the Rquirement of English Proficiency for Recruitment
  • Conference on Implementation of Training Project
  • Ex-participant from Nepal obtained PhD.