IISEE Newsletter No.189 issued on Jan 29, 2021


  • Dear all IISEE readers
  • On ASC and IASPEI (2021)
  • Online IISEE Seminar by Prof. Yagi (Feb. 3rd)

IISEE Newsletter No.188 issued on Dec 28, 2020


  • Participants’ arrival in Japan
  • Face-to-face lecture (December 8) by Prof. Satake at IISEE hall
  • Asian Seismological Commission General Assembly 2021 (On-line, 21-27 AUG. 2021)
  • Activity Report of Ex-participants of 2017 Latin course
  • Lecture on Disaster Management Policies at GRIPS
  • Report on the remote IISEE seminar (December 15) by Prof. Tanioka
  • Introduction of personal changes
  • Greetings from New IISEE Staff

IISEE Newsletter No.187 issued on Dec 4, 2020


  • 2020 Meeting of International Platform for Reducing Earthquake Disasters (IPRED)
  • Ex-participants’papers published in the proceedings of 17WCEE
  • Selected Abstracts of 2019-2020 Training Course

IISEE Newsletter No.186 issued on Nov 2, 2020


  • IISEE Annual Training Course 2020-21 started.
  • New Participants of 2020-21
  • A paper by Senior Research Scientist Dr. Yushiro Fujii, published in the Geophysical Journal International on 31 August 2020.
  • Online Seminar by an ex-participant of the 2018 course for seismic resistant construction for Latin America
  • Ex-participant from Nepal obtained PhD.

IISEE Newsletter No.185 issued on Oct 2, 2020


  • 16 Participants Completed the 2019-2020 Training Course
  • GRIPS Online Graduation Ceremony
  • Address in Reply on Behalf of All the Participants
  • Courtesy Call on the MLIT Minister
  • Reports on Kansai and Kumamoto Study Trip