International Disaster Management Systems and Japanese Urban Disaster Management (Recovery cases of recent huge disasters in Japan and the World)

Course Description

International organizations are called upon to encourage the national and regional efforts on disaster management. National and local governments have the primary responsibility to reduce disaster risk that comprises an essential part of investment by governments in sustainable development. Governments have power and responsibility to protect the people and assets by reducing the risk of damages from disasters. The recent huge earthquake and tsunami disasters: Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004), Pakistan Earthquake (2005), Java Earthquake (2006), Wenchuan Earthquake (2008), Indonesia, Padang Earthquake (2009), and the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011) are introduced as well as the reasons and measures of recovery. The statistics shows that many huge earthquakes and tsunamis occurred in these ten years.
The lecture includes mechanism of disaster risk development with natural hazard, societal vulnerability, exposure and coping capacity that is introduced in the UN ISDR document entitled “At Risk - natural hazards, people’s vulnerability and disasters” (2004). This lecture will be provided by Prof. Takeuchi in ICHARM.


Shoichi ANDO (IISEE), Kuniyoshi TAKEUCHI (ICHARM, Public Works Research Institute)


2 day(s)


(1) International Disaster Management Systems
1) Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) 2005-2015
2) United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR)
3) What is natural disaster? Risk, Hazard and Vulnerability (At Risk, 2004)
4) Disaster management cycle (Rescue, Recovery, Disaster Prevention etc.)
5) Future Issues: Adaptation, Aging society, Depopulation and Social Capital

(2) Recent Large Scale Disasters
1) The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
2) 2010 Haiti Earthquake
3) 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in China
4) 2007/2009 Earthquakes in Indonesia
5) 2006 Pisco Earthquake in Peru
6) 2005 Pakistan Earthquake
7) 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

(3) Cause and Recovery of Recent Huge Disasters
1) Rapid Urbanization
2) Raising of Awareness
3) Building Control/Codes
4) Social and Economic aspects

(4) Japanese Urban Disaster Management Systems
1) Japanese system
2) Japanese experiences

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